If I Could Tell You

Saturday, October 21, 2006


...tunc quidem mansit in eodem
loco duobus diebus. - Io 11:6

Across the dry land, heat,
tears and faltering hope.
The journey is long to heal
the loved ones.

Why loving has to wait?

In uncertainty
you make her wait.
She doesn't even know if
she is hoping.

The Time you own
the time we live in.
There, our anguish grows
in what was and
what is to be.

Teach us how to live in you.
In present, ever hoping.
So we can have peace
with time.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Worthy Nobel Peace Prize At Last

Nobel Academy is at best when they
select those who fought with truthfulness and
free from politicized agenda.
Vision that they have been neglected for so long.

News about Mohammad Yunus winning Nobel Prize,
really gladdened me. It has been some time for the Academy
to grant the Prize for cause of the poor,
since Mother Teresa in 1979.

And the last shall be first!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Things That Dreams Are Made Of

A scene from W. Herzog's FITZCARRALDO

In a story of a man who moved a ship over the
the hill to achieve his dream for building an opera house
inside a jungle, Werner Herzog told us a timeless
story of courage and "folly". These are much
underapreciated virtues, especially when reason
and calculation predominates our mode of actions
today. They are chivalrious, so much so that
they seem too childlike. Moreover, these virtues implies -
or at least the foresight of - pains.
Which makes it even more frightening than death.

At one point in time one would face crisis, either
actively or passively. I believe the ability to overcome
the crises to certain extent largely depends on them.
Living under affluent surrounding, family, or society really
makes it very hard to make this kind of "leap of faith".
I see that there is danger with this conditioning.
We work very hard to maintain our current affluent and
comfortable status. We earn good salary,
respectable position, and we spend! [1]
But where the dream has gone?
Have we forgotten how to hope?

I would guess that is why it is so difficult for
some country to encourage the enterpreneurial spirit,
increasing fertility rate to name a few - among their people,
especially their younger generation.

We do admire person or country that think and live
with courage and "folly". They are things that
we see in our parents or our country's Founding
Fathers. They who crossed the ocean to find a living.
They who fought for independence.

That's also probably why we always like heroic story,
where the hero suffered, fought, fell, returned again
and even died. Because secretly we envy them.
Because deep inside of us, we always wanted to be
part of a great story.

[1] There is a strong relationship between enterpreneurial
spirit and spending habits. It can be found in study done by
Thomas Stanley and William Danko.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Why knowing is harmful?

These days everybody is knowledgeable.
Why is this so? Because knowing is easy. It requires
almost no hardwork. The danger is when one
begins to believe that he creates those ideas.

Knowledge has no values until one forms opinion
and act on it. Yet, ideas - thinking aloud - is a craft.
Just like appreciating an artwork is easy
but creating it is hard, requires effort.

That's the reason why I began this blog.
It is a response to an itch. And you can say
it is a testament against this tendency
to become intellectually lazy.